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Smart Predictive Optimization and Maintenance Technology
for ISPs, CPE and SoC Companies. 

Smart Predictive 
Optimization and Maintenance Technology

TEA's Predictive Cloud-based Optimization and Maintenance Technology gives Internet Service Providers (ISPs) real-time visibility into Wi-Fi issues at home through TEA Cloud management that predicts failures and solves problems before they happen. 


Our innovative AI-based predictive maintenance capabilities to home Wi-Fi Mesh networks assure significant cost savings for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) by improving the quality of experience for subscribers.

Unique behavioral analysis can match subscribers' profiling through usage patterns and statistics that are previously not obtainable. Therefore, this available information through TEA's Predictive Optimization and Maintenance Technology is a powerful tool for accessing real-time customer insight to explore upselling opportunities for generating untapped revenue.




TEA Cloud combines external data sources that enables the comprehensive monitoring of the home networking including products' condition, operations, and usage.

Monitoring enables alerts and notifications of changes .


TEA Mesh, our  embedded client software is fully compliant with EasyMesh™,

controls product functions and personalization of the user experience


TEA monitors and control, capabilities that enable algorithms to optimize product operations and usage:


  • Enhance product performance


Allow predictive diagnostics service, and self-healing.


Combining  of monitoring, control, and optimization allows:


  • Autonomous product operation

  • Self-coordination of operation with other products and systems

  • Autonomous product enhancementand personalization

  • Self-diagnostic and healing for services

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Cutting-edge multi-cloud and on-premise advanced Wi-Fi management suite for ISPs. TEA Cloud automates long-term data analysis, pattern recognition, inter-network data correlation, and long-term decision and policy-making by utilizing data sent from TEA Mesh Controller.​ It is purpose-built for AI-driven Wi-Fi on a microservices architecture to promote the rapid deployment of new services without impacting existing services.

  • Features the latest containerized technologies and is equipped with message handling, data storage, and real-time data processing for operators' innovation requirements.

  • Extreme data can be ingested and processed in real-time, which will allow unprecedented visibility into user behavior and simplifies operations through event correlation, baselining, and anomaly detection.


​TEA accurately predicts Wi-Fi issues as it automates remote monitoring and analyzes connected home devices through cloud management that Predicts Failures and Solve Problems before they happen.



A full EasyMesh™ compliant embedded software stack is available for Wi-Fi Mesh Access Point devices (modems, extenders, etc.). TEA Mesh delivers collected metadata and refined data to the cloud and executes commands from the cloud controller.​ Intelligence is at the edge - only required metadata sent to the cloud for further processing. This AI-algorithms-driven distributed approach saves up to 80% of cloud cost.

  • Collects all data without applying smart predictive filtering at the data collecting device results in carrying lots of invaluable and also misleading data to the cloud. 

  • TEA Mesh also provides onboarding functionalities for EasyMesh compatible devices (APs) onto the TEA-managed network.


TEA Mesh provides a quick time to market for devices manufacturers with peace of mind with performance that will exceed ISP's requirements.

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TEA networks is a deep-tech software company with the most innovative High-Definition Predictive Maintenance Technology for detecting anomalies in wireless networks.

We are one of the first companies in the world to embrace Wi-Fi EasyMesh™ Standard for developing cloud-based Wi-Fi Predictive Optimization and Maintenance Technology.


Our state-of-the-art technology gives Internet Service Providers (ISPs) real-time visibility into Wi-Fi issues at home through TEA Cloud management that predicts failures and solves problems before they happen. 

Winner of European Commission Horizon 2020 SME Award

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