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Smart Wi-Fi Connect Products

TEA Predictive Optimization Technology is designed for ISPs looking for whole-home Wi-Fi AI Ops to enhance customer satisfaction and ease of maintenance.

TEApot accurately predicts in-home Wi-Fi issues by automating remote monitoring and analyzes connected home devices through a cloud management platform that predicts failures and solves problems before they happen.

Net results are an increase in customer satisfaction and drive long-term value for Internet Service Providers and CPE devices manufacturers.


A full stack Wi-Fi CPE Embedded Software
(EasyMesh™ compliant)


Advanced Wi-Fi Remote Management Platform for ISPs
Advanced Dashboard

TEApot Device is a fully compliant Wi-Fi EasyMesh™ embedded software available for Wi-Fi CPEs. It communicates with TEApot Cloud for AI-based predictive management and controls Access Points through EasyMesh Agents. It’s a commercial-grade Wi-Fi CPE software available for licensing. 

TEApot Cloud is fully containerized and works in tandem with TEApot Device controller software in the Wi-Fi devices to accurately predict Wi-Fi issues by automating remote monitoring.  Analyzing through the purpose-built AI and intelligent ML edge software, TEApot Cloud is equipped with the Discovery Tools, Investigation Tools, and Action Tools for automating all KPI measurements and helps identify all analytics, future trends, and upsell opportunities.

TEApot Dashboard is an Actionable Advanced Dashboard for all your device management and contains Action Menus, Discovery Menus, and Investigation Menus for all your WiFi management.

Dramatically reduces support costs and churn

With proactive and predictive maintenance - support starts automatically long before the end-user calls you.

Target right customers for upsell

Identify users with poor Wi-Fi coverage, broadband speed bottlenecks, and client data consumption profiles who should upgrade subscriptions or hardware.

Track KPIs and trends

Track Wi-Fi KPIs across customer portfolios provides valuable knowledge that allows you to optimize your support process.

Customer behavior analytics

Gain knowledge that is strategically crucial for developing new value-added services and effectively guiding end-users towards the desired service.

1st Call Resolution

Average Handling Time


* Figures are provided by the ISP customer launched with TEA products.

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