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Smart Wi-Fi Connect Solution

TEA Predictive Optimization Technology is designed for ISPs to enhance customer satisfaction and ease of maintenance via best-in-class AI Ops platform.

TEApot accurately predicts Wi-Fi issues by automating remote monitoring and analyzes connected home devices through the purpose-built AI cloud management platform that predicts failures and solves problems before they happen.

Net results are an increase in customer satisfaction and drive long-term value for Internet Service Providers and CPE devices manufacturers.


Advanced Wi-Fi Remote Management 


Embedded Controller Software for Wi-Fi CPE
Advanced Dashboard

TEApot Cloud, the cutting-edge platform that revolutionizes Wi-Fi performance monitoring. Our fully containerized software, built on a microservice architecture, seamlessly integrates with TEApot Device controller software in Wi-Fi devices, enabling accurate prediction of Wi-Fi issues through automated remote monitoring.

Harnessing the power of purpose-built AI and intelligent ML edge software, TEApot Cloud empowers you with an array of advanced tools. Our Discovery Tools, Investigation Tools, and Action Tools automate KPI measurements, providing unparalleled insights into your network's performance. Uncover valuable analytics, identify emerging trends, and seize upsell opportunities with ease.

Experience the future of Wi-Fi management with TEApot Cloud. Say goodbye to manual monitoring and embrace a proactive approach to network optimization. Join us today and unlock the full potential of your Wi-Fi infrastructure.

TEApot Device, the embedded device controller software designed specifically for Wi-Fi Customer Premises Equipment (CPEs). Seamlessly integrating with TEApot Cloud, our cutting-edge AI-Ops platform, TEApot Device enables predictive management and facilitates easy control of Access Points through EasyMesh Agents.

Built to meet commercial-grade standards, TEApot Device empowers Wi-Fi CPEs with enhanced functionality and performance. By establishing seamless communication with TEApot Cloud, it unlocks the power of AI-driven operations, providing unparalleled predictive management capabilities.

Take control of your Wi-Fi infrastructure like never before. With TEApot Device, you can optimize network performance, effortlessly manage Access Points, and proactively address potential issues. Experience the future of Wi-Fi control and management by licensing TEApot Device today.

Join the growing community of satisfied customers who rely on TEApot Device for superior Wi-Fi performance and control. Maximize the potential of your Wi-Fi CPEs and unlock new possibilities for seamless connectivity. Contact us now to learn more about licensing options.

TEApot Dash, the comprehensive and actionable advanced dashboard for all your device management needs. With a user-friendly interface and powerful features, TEApot Dash puts you in control of your Wi-Fi management like never before.


Action Menus, Discovery Menus, and Investigation Menus are just a few of the powerful tools available within TEApot Dash. Seamlessly navigate through these intuitive menus to effortlessly execute actions, explore network discovery options, and conduct in-depth investigations to optimize your Wi-Fi management.

Unlock the true potential of your network with TEApot Dash. Whether you're an IT professional or a network administrator, our dashboard empowers you to make informed decisions and take proactive measures to enhance your Wi-Fi infrastructure.


Experience the ease of managing your devices with TEApot Dash. Say goodbye to complex interfaces and welcome a streamlined approach to device management. Join our community of satisfied users who have transformed their Wi-Fi management with TEApot Dash. Get started today and elevate your device management to new heights.

Dramatically reduces support costs and churn

With proactive and predictive maintenance - support starts automatically long before the end-user calls you.

Target right customers for upsell

Identify users with poor Wi-Fi coverage, broadband speed bottlenecks, and client data consumption profiles who should upgrade subscriptions or hardware.

Track KPIs and trends

Track Wi-Fi KPIs across customer portfolios provides valuable knowledge that allows you to optimize your support process.

Customer behavior analytics

Gain knowledge that is strategically crucial for developing new value-added services and effectively guiding end-users towards the desired service.

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