TEA's Predictive Optimization Technology

Today's Wi-Fi management solutions rely on a retrospective approach

Collect lots of data

Work on the data to detect problems

Identify cause(s)

React to remedy the problem(s)

Relies on existence of problem(s)

User dissatisfied by facing problem(s) and long resolution cycle

TEA introduces the Predictive Wi-Fi management

Collect metadata

Predict problem(s)

Preventive actions

Prevents user dissatisfaction 

Reduces operational costs

TEA introduces multitude of AI capabilities to Wi-Fi networks 

Predictive diagnosis and maintenance

TEA’s innovative pattern recognition and data correlation technology brings unparalleled AI-based predictive and automated maintenance capabilities to Wi-Fi networks assuring significant cost savings for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) by improving quality of experience of their customers.

Behavioral analysis

TEA’s unique behavioral analysis technology matches consumer demographics with usage statistics.  This previously unobtainable information can be exploited by ISPs not only for upsell opportunities but also for generating revenue through cutting-edge value-added services. 

Smart, predictive filtering

TEA's state-of-the-art predictive data filtering and classification technology enables critical features such as real-time fault detection, predictive maintenance and proactive operations.

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